Saddle Up!

I had bikes when I was a kid.  Doesn’t everybody?  But I wasn’t allowed to go very far on them.  I think that may have kept me from learning how awesome and freeing cycling can be.

Last summer, we got new bikes.  Mine was suuuuuper cheap.  It was what we could afford at the time, and before I knew a damn thing about bicycles!  We started out around the neighborhood and quickly graduated to some local trails.  It was marvelous family time!  But between work and volunteering “Massage For Change” (everybody needs a little Hope, ya know?), I kinda ran out of time to ride my bike.  So I put it away around August or so of last year.

The Husband bought himself a shiny new Giant road bike in February.  I often refer to it as “My Arch Enemy”, “Stupid Bike” or “Homewrecker”.  He had gotten far more serious then I about cycling and was enjoying it as a way to lose weight.  Psssshhhh.  I really didn’t understand why.  I mean, how boring!  And cycling is so hard!!!


Well, in July, I decided to pull my stupid P.O.S. bike out of the garage to go for a ride with my littlest love.  The first day he and I ventured out, we rode 3 miles, came home and ate some dinner, and rode 5 more.  Man, what fun!!!  He needs to be more active… I need to be more active…  And we’re really enjoying it!  So we were sold, riding at least every other day for about 3 weeks.  I would sometimes go by myself in the mornings or after work, but mostly we rode together. Until Shorty broke his wrist.  😦

It was all on me then.  Would I continue on my own?  Or wimp out because I didn’t have a buddy to go with me?

I kept going.  I really like it!  I can saddle up and take off, always carried on by Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcasts.

I checked out this great book from the library, Every Woman’s Guide To Cycling.  I started learning what shifters are for.  Dude, seriously.  I TOLD you I didn’t know SHIT about bikes!!!!  I had never even changed a bike tire!!  So I took The Husband out to show my why my shifters don’t shift like the book says they should.  Uhhhh, because they’re crap.  Because my derailleurs blow chunks (well, not literally, but wouldn’t THAT be interesting??).  Finally, he put P.O.S. bike on the maintenance stand and tried to fix it.  Then he rode it.  Then he informed me I really really really need a new bike.  (Sorry, but) DUUUUUUHHHHH!!!  I DONE DID SAID THAT, DOOD!

Shift? Why would you want to do that???

Shift? Why would you want to do that???

So within days (Thank you, The Husband!!!) I became the proud, beaming Oh-So-Happy owner of a new Felt ZW100.  (I’m not kidding about proud.  I showed anybody who would stand still for 2 sec a picture of my new steed whether they gave 2 shits about bikes or not!)  SOMEBODY (Ironman Bobby) told me that it was company policy all Felts have to be named after porn stars.  SOMEBODY (Ironman Bobby) must think I was born yesterday!  Psshhhh.  Whatever, I liked that idea mucho mucho.  So it took no time for me to say “John Holmes”.  If I don’t feel like saying his whole name, how great does “Holmes” sound???  I KNOW!!!!  Awesome.  I have a bike with a NAME!

Appropriate for a massage therapist, right?

Appropriate for a massage therapist, right?

So now Holmes and I are a very happy couple.  He stays in the house next to “Homewrecker” (In my defense, he hasn’t named the thing, so I can call it whats I wants!) looking all hot and awesome.  I still have tons to learn (like how to not be so wobbly so The Husband can NOT freak out quite so much when I leave all by myself!) but I’m so happy to have that gorgeous bike to learn it on!!


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  1. Jeremy said:

    Cool stuff.. Mine is named “L”.. Now you just gotta jeep on riding and always wear your helmet!

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