This Is Gonna Be Interesting

Hmmm.  Where to begin…

Well, I decided to fall in line and create a blog about my fitness… Or my QUEST of said fitness.  I’m getting there.  I’ve been working on it for about 2 months now and (surprise! surprise!) have done REALLY well staying with it.  Shocking if you really know anything about me.  I’m that girl who has a babillion projects started and none of them finished.  😉

So this will be about how I’m doing, what’s easy, what’s hard, how much I’m loving it and, of course, how much I hate it.  🙂

I started “Couch to 5K” like 8 weeks ago.  I’m on week 7 because I got sick at week 4 and decided to do that week over.  Anyway, I’m still pretty slow.  It’s hard.  But to make SURE I keep it up, I signed up for my first 5K which will take place on Halloween!  Gah!  What was I thinking?

I also have a BEAUTIMOUS new steed, John Holmes.  We have so far logged 73.4 miles together.  Yes, I named my bike.  And yes, I named it after a porn star.  Don’t act so shocked.  Helllloooooo!  It’s ME!  Sheesh.  Sometimes I feel you don’t know me at all….

My handsome, faithful steed

John Holmes, My Handsome, Faithful Steed

Please check out my “Motivators” over there on the side.  They’ve all played at LEAST a small part in my decision to start and determination to continue.  I have found this amazing community of athletes to be nothing short of awe-inspiring, belly-laugh inducing and crazy-supportive!

Guess we’ll see how this turns out…

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  1. Jenny Jung said:

    This is actually inspiring for me too. I would love to start biking. Have any suggestions on a good place to get a bike or tips for getting started? Kudos to you madam…kudos to you!

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