Damn, girl!

On Saturday, someone I had seen on Wednesday told me I looked great (yay me!).  And then asked me how much I’ve lost.  “Fifteen?”  Since WEDNESDAY???  What the hell??  How fat does she think I am??? I wasn’t mad… Just bewildered!

So how HAVE I done since I started actually DOING stuff?  Not too shabby.  I started trying to lose weight in January, but I’m awful good at sabotaging myself, so that didn’t go so well.  :-/  I did really well going to the gym for about 6 weeks in the spring, but fell ill and fell off the workout wagon.  And I wasn’t really losing any weight OR inches.  So really, I had to start alllll over.  That’s where my crazy friend comes in.



I say crazy.  By crazy I mean crazy-sexy-goofy-awesome.  🙂  She made up this awesomely elaborate spreadsheet for us to share on Google Docs where we could keep track of our weight, measurements, exercise and diet.  The theory behind this was that we would kick each other’s asses long distance (she lives in the great state of Texas).  Well, the diet part didn’t last too long.  I didn’t want to do that part anyway because that’s how I sabotaged myself LAST time.  I worried more about how many calories than WHAT I was actually eating.  The exercise part, for her, was difficult because she’s got kind of a wonky work/school schedule.  But we set rules to weighing in (I obsess over it once I get started so I’ve had to train myself to stay off the damn scale) and measuring ourselves.  Weigh in every Thursday and measure once a month.

Amy + Kat = ♥♥♥s Forever!

Amy + Kat = ♥♥♥'s Forever!

So far, this has worked out fairly well.  Except for the week I threatened to slit my wrists if I didn’t start losing some damn weight.  😀  Yea, I said that.  I was depressed.  But it worked!  I finally lost 2 pounds!  And I’ve felt much better about myself since then.

Wanna follow along?  Then check out The Numbers page.  I figure if I let you in on my secrets, that will force me to keep it up and lose this damn weight (and effing inches).  Be nice, tho.  I can still kick your ass if I want to.  And now I can even run a little.  😉  Just so you know, I topped out around May at 182 pounds.

So what’s YOUR story?

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