Not Fair!

Yesterday I didn’t feel very good, so I took it easy.  REALLY easy.  I didn’t exercise at all.  Freakin’ swine flu is rampant in our town and my oldest “probably” has it.  *”Probably” means they’re not testing for it due to expense, time, blah blah blah and about 200 Middle Schoolers are out this week.*  So I figured it was my turn.  Turns out, I think I was dehydrated.  But anyway… The title of this post refers to the fact that YESTERDAY, there was like NO wind.  And TODAY, it was killing me again.  On my bike, I just kept my head down and (finally) decided it was time to meet the drops.  But the run….

Look, I’m still trying to get the hang of this.  When I was a kid, I was only good for sprinting.  I had asthma.  As a grown up, the only time I ran was when I joined the Army.  Got halfway decent at it there (helps when you’re not allowed to smoke your usual 2 packs a day…).  Ran my PT test (2 miles) in just over 18 min with bronchitis/walking pneumonia.  But that didn’t last long.  Had to get out (family illness) and stopped running.  And started smoking again.  I’m SUCH a dumbass.

So here I am.  W7D2.  And I walked more today than ran.  Yes, I did push ups, too.  But my legs REALLY didn’t want to go anymore.  And my lungs were on fire.  And I got that “last 1/4 mile stabbing pain”… ;-D

Moving on….

I bought new running shoes today.

Nike Free 5.0 V4

Nike Free 5.0 V4

I know, I know.  VFF’s forever, right?  I’ll still wear them for work and everyday stuff, and I’ll even break them out for running sometimes, but I think I should broaden my footwear horizons a little bit.  I tried these on and was immediately comfortable.  For some reason, tho, I decided to walk the WHOLE mall and go to ALL the stores that sell running shoes EVEN THO I really liked these.  Again, what a dumbass.  Out of all the stores, only ONE had salespeople that didn’t piss me off and make me want to hit someone (or kick them in the nuts).  But THAT store only had one pair of these shoes and not in my size.  Too bad.  Because that guy didn’t try to sell me shoes I didn’t want.  He didn’t ignore me.  He didn’t flirt with me (letting me know you get a 60% discount *wink wink* and you bet I’d LOOOOOVE these $195 Ecco shoes that you’re ordering for yourself but your store doesn’t carry while trying to impress me with your orange blackerry? FAIL).  And I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have been stupid enough to assume that I need shoes in “cute colors” if I asked if he had them in another color besides black.  GAH!

Oh.  Sorry.

Anyway, after walking the whole mall and getting stuck behind lazy, fat teenagers walking 4 abreast and taking their sweet ass time (would it KILL you to move the hell out of my way?? Pretend Cinnabon is up ahead… I bet THAT would get your fat ass moving!), I finally made my way back to Champs, the FIRST store I went to upon arriving at the damn mall (I hate the mall), and bought these shoes (did I mention I don’t like “normal” shoes?).

VFFs Forever!

VFF's Forever!

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  1. Oh, I can relate to that foot thing! That’s why I love those crocs, have you every tried them? They let your feet move around. In some shoes, well most of them, my fat feet are screaming….let me out of here. Sorry to hear about that blasted flu! You guys take it easy..thanks for responding. Mona

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