Windy with a chance of…Windy


I didn’t ride my bike today because I didn’t think I had time.  Dr appt this morning (yay! after 5 wks in a cast and splints, Shorty is cleared to do crazy kid stuff again!), and work this afternoon (didn’t find out til too late that my first client canceled so I COULD have tried to kill myself on my bike…).  But it’s Friday anyway, which means I HAVE to run.  And even tho I’m starting to LIKE running, I was not looking forward to this…  Oh boy…

Do you SEE the gusts? Its a lie.

Do you SEE the wind? That's not gusts. It was steady. The GUSTS were nuts.

This is a definite in the “con” side of living in the Midwest.  It’s so freaking windy!  It was REALLY hard today.  Although I kept trying to tell myself that I must be losing weight if the wind was pushing me off balance… 😀

Seeing as how this whole week has sucked, I made the executive decision to repeat Week 7.  Ugh.  But it seems like if I don’t, it’s cheating.  My goal is to be able to RUN a 5K.  Not walk it.  I’ve got time… So I’ll do it again.

I posted “The Numbers” last night for this week’s weigh in.  I can live with ’em.  I’m definitely getting better at not eating my stress.  Jillian Michaels would be soooo proud…

Did I mention it was windy today?



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