It was NOT crazy-windy today.  Whoot!

It WAS, however, very hard to run.  Ugh.  I did fine the first 6 weeks of this program.  All of a sudden, I’m having trouble.  I may have figured out why.  I may be worrying too much about HOW and not just DOING.  So about halfway through my run today I started thinking about one of my favorite ‘Friends’ moments.  The one where Phoebe runs.  I wonder what the rednecks would think if I ran around the neighborhood like THAT!

I’m also changing up my playlist.  I have to really enjoy what I’m listening to and my current playlist just isn’t doing it for me.  I could just put these 2 songs on repeat… 😉

Mmm Papi

Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)

What did I do today?  I rode my bike 7 miles (30 min) and then did my run.  *Sigh*  According to C25K, I’m supposed to be running for 25 min or 2.5 miles without stopping.  Today I ran 25 min with minimal stopping (one of those was because I tied my shoes too loose and they came untied).  But I’m at just over 2 miles in that amount of time.  Oh well.  I just have to remember that I WILL get there.  No one’s harder on me than ME.

Oh, and my feet didn’t fall asleep today.  Per Phil’s advice, I loosened my laces up a little more and they were a little better.  I’m still not sure about this running shoe business….

Remember in the first post I said I would talk about what’s hard, what’s easy, what I like and don’t like?  Well, I can say for SURE that the DESIRE to run is there.  It’s easy to get dressed, put the shoes on and head out the door.  The hard part is the RUNNING… Who knew??


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