Aw Yeah, Aw Yeah!

Baby steps…..

I finally did it.  I finally ran 25 min without stopping!  Woot!  I even sprinted a little bit (stress on the little).  I have no idea how FAR I ran because my GPS thingy didn’t apparently doesn’t work in the gym.  Why didn’t I count the laps, you ask?  Oh, well, THAT’S because I’m an airhead.  I very easily forget what lap I’m on.  That’s why The Husband bought me the computer on my 1st bike.  I couldn’t remember how far I was going!  Veeeeerrrrrrrryy frustrating.


So W7D3 is complete.  I will be starting W8 on Monday.  All in all, I did much better this week.  I didn’t walk that much at all.  And none today.  So YAY! me.  🙂  I’ll still be out at the end of the world on Monday, but have been assured we’ll go into town and run on the H.S. track early, early in the morning.  It’s gonna be cooooold, me thinks.  But that’s okay.

We’re going to the “end of the world” today.  I’m so excited!  We call it the end of the world because there is no cell phone service or internet.  Okay, so there TECHNICALLY is internet.  But it’s dial up.  I KNOW!!!  So even my ma-in-law admits it’s like not even having internet.  They live too far out.  Which is AWESOME because it’s quiet and gorgeous at their house.  Well, except for last Christmas when we had a babillion kids running around… Sheesh, okay not a BABILLION.  It was 6.  But SOUNDED like a babillion.

I digress…

I’m excited to be going out of town for a few days with my guys.  Not that I’ll see the kids.. They’re attached to their Grampa’s hip when we go up there.  🙂  As it should be.  The Husband is going to make his horribly fattening and sinfully incredible corn chowder.  There’s talk of an Angel Food cake.  Maybe I should have run another 25 min.  Yea RIGHT!!  I’d be dead.

My left leg hurts.  I won’t lie.  It’s very uncomfortable.  But I’m so proud of myself I barely care right now.  Halloween and my 5K will be here before I know it.  I really want to RUN it, not walk it.

BTW, thanks Bobbo (sorry, I just can’t stop calling you that) for your encouragement last week.  🙂  I needed the perspective!  I didn’t lose any weight this week, but I didn’t gain any either.  Man, that tattoo is gonna feel sooooooo gooooood when I finally get it!

I guess that is all.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  And if you’ve got a race this weekend, GOOD LUCK!!!!  😀

Oh wait.  I ran in these today…  


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