Rutrow, Rhaggy!

Oh boy. I may have gotten carried away today. I’m at my ma-in-law’s and I was just stretching. After a 4 hour ride up here, my legs were STIFF. So after having a cookie…or a few, I refilled my water bottle and sat down on the couch. Then I stretched The Husband’s feet for him. And then I stretched my calves and feet. That left one is trouble. But I’ll keep working on it.

How did I over do it, you ask? Weeeellllllll…… I just realized that I ran that whole 25 minutes today (YAY! ME!!) forefoot. I have been having trouble doing that with my Nike Frees. So I’ve had to alternate forefoot (when my body cooperates and can figure it out), midfoot and plain ol’ heel strike. In my Frees, it’s mostly heel with as much midfoot as I can manage to fit in there.
So TODAY, I felt so great and natural running on that track that I didn’t change from forefoot the whole time. I’m feeling it. Jeebus. And I’m sure tomorrow is gonna be amusing as I attempt to come down the stairs in the morning for that cup of coffee I’m desperately going to need! I’ll let you know.

Oh, and they’re forecasting POSSIBLE snow this weekend up here (near KC, MO). Eek!

Here’s the view at the end of the world.


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