There’s PIE, too?!?!


At 01:30 this morning I found a cure for the hiccups. I got the hiccups as I went to bed last night. I just laid there trying to be quiet, shaking the whole damn bed. The Husband was already in bed asleep… The shaking woke him up. So when I woke up at 01:30 to go to the bathroom and got the hiccups as soon as I stood up I was a little pissed off. And I didn’t want to wake The Husband again. So I drank some water. Nope. Stretched. Nope. DAMMIT! Push ups. Nope, but it worth a shit, right? Crunches. YES!!! Crunches get rid of hiccups!!!! Shorty got the hiccups this evening and I told him to do crunches. It worked. So there you have it.

You may be wondering how my legs feel today. Ummm… Like sore. The right one is manageable, but the left one feels a little like there’s a grapefruit in there. I’ve been stretching and massaging them, so I’m hoping it’s feeling better Monday morning for running day. Oh, and yes, getting down the stairs this morning was amusing.

I’ve realized I need to do some major work on my will power. *sigh* At home I’ve done fairly well. But here at my ma-in-law’s it’s TOOOOOUUUUUGGGGHHH! She makes such yuuuummmmy sweet things!!! Chocolate chip cookies. Pumpkin pie. There may or may not have been Cool Whip… Dammit!! And don’t even get me started on The Husband’s freakin corn chowdah.

Maybe these things wouldn’t be so bad if I had gone outside and played with the boys today. Ummmm…. Except that when I get here to the end of the world there’s an immediate decompression and I relax to the point of slugdom. I fell asleep on the couch this afternoon for like 2 freakin hours!!! I never do that at home. The end of the world is a fine, fine place. 🙂

Found out I like THIS stuff today, too:


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