Misty Drizzle Blaaaahhhh

Yep.  More rain.  I’m sick of it already.

I went for my run yesterday at the High School track where my ma-in-law lives.  And know what?  I did pretty good!  Even though my left calf was killing me!  I managed to run 28 min W I T H O U T stopping.  🙂  Yay, me!  I ran in my VFF’s, around an OUTDOOR track this time and it was pretty nice.  It was misty and dark-ish, but still good. Monday was W8D1 of C25K. I’m almost done!

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I was going to run today for shits and giggles, but by the time I decided to DO that, I had to go pick Shorty up at school.  He’s sick.  Not sure what he’s sick WITH.  But they’re handing out surgical masks like candy now.  Two local schools are closed due to the flu.

Oh, did I tell you that I, a Dallas Cowboys “fan”, watched the game this weekend in Chiefs’-land??? It was funny!! And quite fun! I’ll admit to rooting for Matt Cassell (come ON!! I love the Patriots!) and getting excited over Vrabel’s TD. But I wanted the Cowboys to win. I was pleasantly surprised when Romo didn’t screw it completely up. Here are some things I heard the night before on a couple of KC news channels:

“Tony Romo’s gonna have to make tons of mistakes to lose tomorrow.” – the KC Fox station
“Kansas City has a very SLIGHT chance tomorrow…” – a different KC sportscaster

If I had a big tree, I would have one of these:

I can’t wait to run tomorrow!
Wait, did I just type that??? 😉


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