Whachoo Lookin’ At?

Shut up, I was busy.  I haven’t had time to post anything about Friday.

Friday was W8D3 of C25K for me.  Whew!  I’m almost done!!!  Tomorrow starts my final week.  And the week after THIS is my FIRST EVER 5K!!!  On Halloween!!  Apparently, you can wear a costume to run in.  Really?  I can’t even imagine adding one more thing to worry about that day.  I know it’s only 5K, but it’s my first, and I don’t need anything adding to my craziness.  I thought about wearing the wig in that photo over there, but meh.  That hair would totally be MADE by some tattoo sleeves. 😉

So, Friday.  It was once again a shitty effin’ day outside.  I was so sick of gray.  Right before I left to run, the sun started TRYING to come out.  It wasn’t really what you’d call successful that day.  But it tried.  I took a couple of pics…

I ran.  28 minutes.  It certainly wasn’t stellar, but I did it.  2.55 mi in 0:35:16. That’s an avg pace of 13:51 mph (in case you’re like me and can’t do math).  Whatever, I did it and that’s what I’m going with.  🙂  My legs were okay while I ran but as soon as I was done?  OUCHWTF???  Oh well.  Didn’t have too much time to worry about it.  Had to go to work.  You know what I always say:  You shouldn’t keep naked people waiting.  After work, I headed over to girls’ night at a friend’s house.   🙂  That was a blast!  We ate food from Little Tokyo.  Quite yummy rolls, chicken and rice from there.  There was also a salad and a cherry cheesecake.  Gah!  Soooooo good.

Saturday morning I woke up pleasantly surprised that my legs didn’t hurt much at all.  Really, there were some annoying “twinges” when I first rolled outta bed, but once I was up, I was good.  That lasted until about 3 o’clock Saturday afternoon.  My left shin was apparently angry with me.  I had done 2 massages and a foot treatment at that point, and had a 90 min to go.  Ugh.  I wrapped my leg up and forged on.  That last one was a doozy.  When I got home, I massaged my calves for quite a while.  It really helped.

This morning, Sunday, I felt pretty good.  I had coffee and made brekky for the menfolk and then headed out for a ride.  I haven’t ridden Holmes in like 2 weeks!!  WTF???  I know.  Slacker.  But with the shitty-ass weather (and I was outta town for 3 days), what are you gonna do???  :-/  Holmes and I had a wonderful short ride.  I tell you what, tho.  I’m not at all good at hills yet.  Although, if you look at my Runkeeper page, I was doing about 190 mph at the end.  Ha ha!  Anyway, I felt really great after that and am looking forward to starting week 9 of my running tomorrow!!!  And it looks like it will be nice out! 🙂


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