Cutting Back

Okay.  Here’s the deal.  Running?  Hard.  My desire to run?  Quite strong.  My ability to injure myself by pushing said self too hard?  Superb.  So why the hell am I running???
Because I want to.
Because it’s a great way to lose weight (and the all important inches).
Because I was able to do it once (thank you, Uncle Sam) and I want to do it again.
Because I have shit to prove to myself.

So what does one do when they’re starting to dread the one thing they REALLY want to do?  And do WELL?  One asks for help.  And if one is lucky, she will get it.  Which I have.  Once again, thank you to my unofficial life coach,  Bobbo.

I’ve made a change.  I’m in Week 9 of C25K.  Which means I’m supposed to be running 30 min without stopping.  I tried that on Monday and thought I would die.  It was a disaster.  I couldn’t finish.  I ran walked 24 min.  Didn’t even make 2 miles.  Everything felt wrong.  And my left leg was killing me.  Bobbo started asking me questions and explaining some stuff to me.  Basically, it came down to me trying to do too much too fast.  If I was running like I walk, no problem.  But I don’t like running that way.  It hurts my knees, makes my left leg hurt FASTER and just overall sucks.  It’s not comfortable.  I can go a lot farther running forefoot before my leg hurts to the point I want to stop.

*It should be noted I ran in my Frees on Monday.  My VFF’s were wet.

Alright, so yesterday, Tuesday, I didn’t do anything.  I will not get into reasons here other than to say it was a shittastic day.

I was excited to run today.  And I felt good when I left.  Basically, I’ve gone back to the end of Week 5.  I walked 5 min, ran 20, walked 5.  It worked.  My leg still hurt, but not even CLOSE to Monday.  I stopped twice to do push ups, BTW.  🙂  But I pause my running program so that I DO run the full 20 min.  I ran/walked 2.18 miles today.  I’ll do this Friday and Monday for sure.  Possibly Wednesday, too.

After my run I felt so good I decided to listen to Holmes and go for a ride.  He was sitting over there talking dirty to me.  Who am I to deny him a ride? 😉  The GPS program I use can track my ride, too.  Which is great if you remember when it’s paused to UNpause it.  I had to stop for a ridiculous amount of time at a stop sign (stupid cars), so I was checking my texts.  Well, that pauses the app.  I forgot about it for about 12 min or so.  Oh well.  My bike computer doesn’t need me to have a brain!  So I rode exactly 1 hour (longest I’ve ever done!) and logged 12.64 miles.  Whoot!  Yay, me!

Today was good.  I feel great and am happy with what I accomplished.  I’ll get there.  I just have to be patient.  Not my strongest virtue, for sure.  😉   Bobbo’s gonna have me running with a 40 of OE before I know it!

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    love the photo

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