Just a quickie:

Sometime around May I set a goal for myself:  Get your fat ass down to 170 lbs, you get a new tattoo.  I already knew what I wanted and where.  But I needed a goal to finally get this ball rolling.

Today I met that goal!  I’m beyond happy and surprised at how suddenly I’m not scared anymore.  I was afraid that every pound I lost was going to come back the next week.  Or the week after.  That happened once or twice, but I took responsibility for those weeks.  Those were my fault.  Suddenly this morning, I’m not afraid.  I’ll keep losing weight until I’m healthy and comfortable.  I don’t have to be afraid of the scale.  I can do this!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to go by Kaleidoscope, Ink to talk to Jason about getting this done next week.  He did my last tattoo and I love his work.


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