Champagne Giggly

Friday –

I went to the gym to do my run because it was icky and cold outside.  Booooooooooring.  I didn’t see ANYONE in denim yesterday, but there was one dude in a flannel shirt.  WTF?  That’s weird.  But still not as weird as the Fed Ex guy who lifts in his uniform or the various people that work out in denim and work boots.

I tried using Runkeeper Pro but it doesn’t work for treadmill stuff.  Ha!  I knew it wouldn’t.  I mainly just wanted to use it to keep track of time which it will add to my online profile.  But I laughed when I saw the stats it came up with….

Im slow but Im not THAT slow!!!

I dont REMEMBER the treadmill moving around...

I don't REMEMBER the treadmill moving around...

What I ACTUALLY did was 2.19 mi in 30 min.  Meh.  I’ll get there.

Once I finished running, I went over to the floor space where they keep mats and and swedish balls and I did my 2nd set of 10 push ups.  Then to the stupid stationary bike.  Blech.  I wasn’t looking to do anything special on there.  I just wanted to keep my legs moving for a little while.  So I rode the bike for 20 min.  Then I went BACK to the back and finished out my push ups.  I did some crunches and squats in there, too.  But doing all of those push ups freaked out the old people a little.  🙂  It was awesome!

It was later determined by my lunchmates I should NOT do 100 push ups all before lunch because it made me quite hyper and more obnoxious than usual.  🙂  Score!  I’m okay with that.  I’m usually only that giggly after champagne!  Whatever, lunch was fun.  Tho, I’m not too sure Cap’n Cate’s DAD enjoyed it too much.  We confused him a little with talk of bikini shells and massage bands…

Saturday –

I woke up and was really antsy (and mad that I was awake before 8 on a Saturday) so I decided to take a short run.  15 min total run/walk.  A little over a mile.  It felt good.  It was about 35 degrees when I left and the sun was shining bright!  🙂

The REAL excitement for today was when I went and made my appointment to get my new tattoo!!!  Whoot!  Come Tuesday night I’ll have fresh ink!!!

Is it Tuesday yet?


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