“Takes a licking but keeps on ticking…”

I have a new watch.  Says “Ironman Triatholon” on it.  I say, “Maybe someday…”  Pretty sure you have to swim to do those…

Runner’s World says cereal is good for you!  It’s like they KNOW me!!!

It’s been a coupla days, I know.  Been… Let’s say “busy”.  Whatever.  Thanks to my awesome gracefulness, I’ve managed to hurt BOTH my feet in the past week, but they’re on the mend looks like.  Yay!!!

Saturday night, I did this:

Can you tell what that is?  My foot got into a fight with an ottoman (which sparked a spat between my knee and the coffee table) and my little toe was a casualty.  Hard to tell by the picture, but it was purple.  Well, still IS a little bit purple, but that day it got fuuugggglyyy!!

And then on Sunday morning I did THIS:

Yup.  I got skillz, yo.  That  is what happens when you run barefoot without picking up your feet.  Oh, and you MAY get blisters on the bottom of your feet.  Just sayin…

Well, I can get my VFF’s on again, so I ran yesterday.  Not bad.  Just under 2 miles.  After walking all goofy for 2 days, everything from the waist down was really tight, so I was sore after.  But feeling better this morning.  My toes are getting better, but I sure am paying more attention to where I walk… 😉

I’ve signed up for my second 5K for next weekend.  The money goes to St. Jude’s.  🙂  And I think I’m doing another on December 4th.  Whoot!

Today, I’m off to see this magical little girl:

I’m wicked excited to see her… It’s been a little bit… 🙂  Isn’t she gorgeous???  😀

  1. Denise said:

    Hey IronNinja!! Wow your baby toe looks not so bad….. but the big toe OWWWWCHHH!… Maybe seeing that beautiful Little girl will help w/ the pain! Enjoy !!

    • amienickel said:

      Yea, it really didn’t do the pretty purple colors justice! 🙂
      And seeing Frankie DEFINITELY will make things all better! 😀 She’s awesome!

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