Turkey Weekend ’09

Um, let’s see.  I ate too much (of course) and ate too much again.  We went to the in-laws’ for Thanksgiving.  You may or may not be aware that my in laws live “at the end of the world”.  That’s what we call it.  They live a little over a mile off the highway (which itself is “country”).  We don’t get cell phone service out there, and until recently the internet was *GASP!* dial up.  🙂  I had to come up with a plan while we were there to be active.  The treadmill was inaccessible and driving into town to go to the school track not knowing if it was open or not did not appeal to me.  So I decided to run the road in front of the house.

The road to the house dead ends… at their drive way.  This road is full of hills.  So Thursday I decided I’d try to run up the two hills right by the house and run whatever I could in between.  Did I mention this is a dirt and gravel road?  Yea.  It is.  So that first day I kept at it for about 45 minutes.  Runkeeper glitched out on me, so I don’t know distance.  It was probably about 2 miles just go up and down those 2 hills.  I had a partner that day.  A cool dog from a couple of houses up.

On Friday, I ran/walked to the highway and back and did a loop around the big back yard.  That was 2.5 miles in 45 min.  Yea, slow.  But these hills are no joke, yo.  When I told my sis what I was doing she thought I was nuts.  She knows those hills and said she never would have made it out the driveway.  She exaggerates… She’s pretty badass herself.  🙂  Oh, and I kept forgetting my push ups but finally got them finished around 11 that night.  Vacation sure can mess you up!!!  I didn’t have Tom to keep me on track.  😉

Saturday, out to the highway and back again.  But this time in 38 min.  Uh huh.  That’s right.  Boom!  I was beat after that, tho.

I added a couple of new recipes to the Recipes page earlier.  You should check them out.

Here are some pictures from my runs:

  1. Tera said:

    Awesome pictures. Did you take those while running! You are multi-tasking-talented. Also, just looking at that one hill made my calves hurt….yowser.

  2. Peej said:

    That place looks like running paradise to me! Nothing will make you stronger than struggling up some big hills like that. Nice work!

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