I know, I’ve totally been slacking off on this thing.  Blah.  Right now I’m visiting family in TX and haven’t run since… I have no idea.

My last 5K was on 12/4.  It was a night run and it was freaking COLD!!!!  And dark.  It was the 1st Annual Reindeer Run 5K and Winter Walk.  By the time we started (10 min late) I couldn’t feel my toes.  🙂  I did pretty durn good on this one…  107th overall, 25th in my age group.  5K in 33:04.  Pace: 10:38/M.  Totally happy with that.  🙂  And the nifty, cool shirt I got glows in the dark!!!  Whooooot!

So now I’m totally being a slacker and not taking advantage of being in south TX where the weather is absolutely lovely.  Oh swells.  I have very important people to visit.  My sis-in-law leaves for a 15 mo deployment next month, so we have a lot of visiting to fit in.  😉

I hope everyone is enjoying a happy holiday season.


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