Let’s Do This

What are your favorite running shoes?

In case you haven’t heard, I got new shoes. Yes, “real” shoes, not VFF’s. (FYI, I have every intention of buying a pair of the new ones when they come out!!!!)

Today was the first day I’ve been excited to run in a long time. I haven’t been running much at all since December. Which is stupid, I know. I fell hard off that fitness wagon. For various reasons, I had a really hard time getting back on. The weather, crazy family stuff, school, work. But the weather is looking nice again (in the 50’s this morning), I’m figuring out the time crunch (school is time consuming!) and (duh) I have new shoes to run in!!!

I’m sure you’re asking, “Why real running shoes, Amy?”. Well. Because. I love, Love, LOVE VFF’s, but when it comes to traction on slickery surfaces, they’re dangerous. At least for my (non) graceful ass. And I knew I didn’t want to get another pair that I wouldn’t love (Nike Free, you broke my heart). So I went to The Starting Block and had them do a (free!) gait analysis. I learned that I don’t walk quite right, which just makes sense… most things about me are not quite right. 😉 But I didn’t need anything special like stability or whatever. So, since I already run in VFF’s and have been running forefoot for a while, the guy said i could try Newton’s. I agreed to start at the bottom with the Lady Isaac Guidance Trainer (as seen above). Put one on and laced it up and it was *gasp* comfortable!! So I put on the other one, laced it up… would you believe THAT one was comfortable, too???! I KNOW!! So he told me I could run up and down the sidewalk. I did. And I fell in love. I’ve never EVER been this comfortable in a running shoe. E.V.E.R. I am a very happy girl.

So today was the first run in them. 2 mile push/walk/run in the wind (gusts up to 24mph). I won’t bore you with the deets. But it was pretty good. Especially considering I had a mysterious dry cough in the middle of the night that caused some very uncomfortable burning in my chest this morning. Didn’t matter. I was having fun. The shoes are great and I’m super pissed at myself for waiting so long to get my ass moving. But you can’t go backward, right? Move Forward.

Now I just have to sort out what races I want to do this year. I think I’ve got most of them figured out. I live in the land of 5K races, apparently. I’ll have to keep an eye out for some longer ones later.

Anyway, thanks for reading!!! I need to do some homework, go to the store and find time the watch The Big Lebowski so a certain someone will speak to me again… 😉


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