The time has come

I did it. Last week, I signed up to do my first triathlon!! It’s in August and you can find the details here. It’s a sprint distance tri so (if you’re too lazy to click the link) that’s 300 yd swim, 12 mi bike, 3.1 mi run. I’ve got 5 months to get my shit together, so I’m not sweating it. The only thing I’m worried about is the swim. I can SWIM, just not like awesomely. And seriously, that stuff about how my people can’t swim because the sink or they’re afraid of water? Not true. Horror movie stereotype? True. Black folk can’t swim or ice skate, not true.

I would like to thank all of the crazies who do tri and have inspired me to take on this challenge. I blame y’all. You all make it sound so fun! I ❤ yous guys!!!!

A special thanks goes out to Bobby. My goal is to be so awesome that someday he will do a podcast where he tries to figure out how to beat me… but not kill me. 😉 Check out his “weekly” (meaning whenever) podcast!

A super special thanks to Christine for kicking boys’ asses and proving girls rule! 😀 And also to Peej, my twinsie (no, seriously, we look exactly alike) who is so strong and badass she should have her own holiday! You ladies have been an awesome inspiration!

  1. Cate said:

    ALRIGHT–go get ’em Tiger!!! ❤

    • amienickel said:

      Ha, I will!!! And we are going to have to do some riding together this summer, ma’am! 😀

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