What’s the dealio?

Let’s see… I’ve been in a pool ONCE since my last post. I (obviously) did not drown.  I’ve been running and riding as I get the chance. Those also have not killed me. I have a buckeye account which rocks so I can SEE how awesome I am (or badly I suck).

Having trouble running lately and not sure why. Sunday before last I ran 4 miles and felt awesome. That was the farthest I’ve ever run. I was super proud of myself. For various reasons, the rest of that week I sucked on my (attempted) runs. Not getting more than about a mile and a half in before complete failure. What the hell? I don’t know. This past Sunday, I managed to eke out three miles. But only because I had to make it home. I was in so much pain when I finally struggled up the few steps from the garage into the house. I started bawling and managed to make it into the living room before making it to the floor and crying some more. WHY did my damn legs hurt so bad? What had happened? What changed? Why was I able to kick so much ass just a week before this? I took my very first no-ice ice bath that day. I ran enough cold water to cover my legs and got in, fully dressed. HOLY SHIITAKE!!! Well, it made me stop crying… Because I couldn’t freaking breathe! I seriously began to think I would never take a full breath ever again. How do you people DO that??! Jeebus.

Yesterday was better. I biked 12.29 miles in 26+mph winds with gusts up to 40 mph. Yes, I will mention that every time because it made it really damn hard. REALLY hard. If you have any idea where I live (near Wilson’s Creek Battlefield) you know that there are some pretty decent hills nearby. I’m new at this. Those hills hurt like a mo’fo’. But I did it. In just over an hour. A couple of hours after that, I headed out for a run. I ran 2 miles and it took an eternity. Okay, really it only took about 29 min. I had to walk a lot more than I wanted to because my left leg started up again.

So here’s what I need to do:
* sign up for swimming lessons (I swam 300 yds in 17:20…REALLY need to improve THAT)
* find the $$ to pay my dude co-worker to perform 2 hrs of magic on my legs/hips/glutes at least once a week
* stop whining… I swear, I’ll work on it. But sweet baby jeebus, it gets windy here in the middle!
* take my baby, John Holmes, in for a spring tune up. They’re free for crying out loud.

I promise to work on the whining thing. I will try to remember that with training conditions like this, I could very well be a machine by August. 😉 And that would rock faces.

On a funny note, I got a haircut yesterday and the girl cut it too short. It’s so hard to tell when you have curly hair how short it is until it’s completely dry. I will be rockin’ it Mammy style (or finding time to straighten it) for a while ;). So here’s a pic of the result….


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