I Ate This

I’m participating in a nutrition challenge. You can read about it here. Here is my email to Christine, A.K.A. The Holistic Guru: Queen of general bad a$$ nutrition tips.


First of all, thank you for doing this again! Some of us seem to need an almost constant kick in the arse to do this stuff right.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my goals are for this challenge. I thought about keeping a food log, but the last time I tried that, it stressed me out and I ended up eating worse than when I started. Here’s what I came up with:

1) Continue to stay away from the non-dairy creamer in my coffee. There’s nothing good in that stuff, but it’s hard. I like the way it tastes. My coffee tastes weird without it. But I’ve been at this for 4 or 5 days and have to stay strong. If I can change my coffee, I can do anything!

2) Have more smoothies for breakfast instead of cereal (or waffles, yum). I feel better when I start my day that way, so I need to go with that.

3) No more soda. I’ve started drinking it fairly often since I started school. Mostly on school days, during my last class on days that I have to go to work right after class. Will try the seltzer alternative you told me about yesterday. 🙂

4) Get away from the Gatorade. I drink it to break up the water monotony or when I’m out of coconut water. It’s full of sugar, I know. So I have to leave it alone.

5) Take my lunch to school. If for some reason I can’t, only buy the raw veggies and fruit; no french fries or “grilled chicken”.

6) Get my family in on as much of this as possible. BUT… I have to remember that I can’t change other people’s habits if they don’t want them to change. The kids are a different story… I’m the mom. I can force them to do it no matter how much they complain. 😉

I’m in for Friday to Friday!

Thanks again, Guru!

Love Peace and Taco Grease,


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