Oooohhhhh… Aaaaahhhhh

July 4th was nice. I think it may have been the first time in a couple of years we didn’t wander up north to my in laws’ place. For some reason, we decided to stick around here.

My day started with a 4 mile run. For me, that’s a long run. I had to chuckle to myself while I was eating breakfast and getting ready for my “long run” because I kept seeing other people posting THEIR long runs. And theirs are long. I enjoyed my run even tho humidity was at 1000%. Okay. Not quite 1000%, but it was around 75%. Close enough. I was soaked. I was attacked by a huge black lab while its golden retriever buddy stood watch. Well, maybe not attacked. But it definitely tried to knock me down and take my lunch money. Once it realized I wasn’t going to stop or yell or otherwise freak out, it was trotting next to me wanting to be pet. Ha geez. I didn’t stop, tho.

After my run, we picked up the teenager from his friend’s house. He informed me he “fell on a rock last night” and his head “bled for like 5 hours”. Lovely. We headed out to Wormrock farm to visit our friends, James and Tera, and to bask in the glory that is their (almost) 1 year baby girl. Magical Miss Frankie Pearl. *sigh* She’s awesome. Shorty can’t get enough of her and I’m pretty sure would be happy to spend all of his spare time out there entertaining her.

We had a lovely visit and some yummy lunch (thanks again, Tera!) and headed home. Where the fire crackers and bottle rockets soon made their appearance. So most of the rest of the evening was spent outside listening to things go boom. I couldn’t wait for it to get dark because our neighborhood turns crazy. People have all these huge fireworks and they start setting them off like crazy. Next thing you know, there’s a cloud of smoke covering the whole subdivision and it sounds like live fire training. Love it!! Our neighbors got home around 10 or 10:30 so then there were even MORE things to shoot off! I really think next year we need to have a party. I’m going to start my fireworks fund for next year today.

And YES, I KNOW that giggling every time I see “Shoots flaming balls” on the fireworks is immature. Sheesh. I can’t help it!!! It’s funny!!!


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