We were on a break!

That’s one of my favorite lines from ‘Friends’.

Last Monday, I had an argument with John Holmes and we kind of broke up/took a break. We had a rough ride, I blamed him. He (rightfully so) blamed me. It was ugly. Words and vibes were exchanged and we decided we should maybe just take a breather. So I didn’t go near him all week. Yesterday, we made up and had quite a nice ride. We both apologized and we’re moving on.
After my ride, I ran a mile. You know, because in exactly one month, I’m going to have run three miles after riding a very hilly 12. I was shocked that my average pace was 10:07/mile! I swore I was moving  muuuuuch slower than that. I wouldn’t have been surprised by 15:00/mi to be honest. I was chuckling while I ran wondering what I looked like again. I felt like I was shuffling!

Today, John and I went to the library to pick up this book I’ve been waiting on…

It’s effin’ hot, dude. I carry two water bottles and after 10.88 miles, they were empty. Ridiculous. Ridiculous I tell you.

Did I mention it’s only one month until my tri? Oh gawd. Who’s idea was this, anyway????


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