Shorty is pretty AWESOME!

On the 24th I ran the Nixa Police Officers Association “Doughnut Run” 5K. Did pretty ok. Nice hat, huh? Shorty was there at the finish and was quite excited that I got a coupon for a dozen FREE doughnuts which we picked up on the way home. 😉

Monday, went for a ride on John and ended up sick. Ugh. It sucked. But today….

Today after my swim, I had the pleasure of going for a nice ride on the Frisco Highline Trail with Shorty and The Husband. It was fun and Shorty is QUITE a trooper. His gears were jacked up so he rode 12.4 miles in his lowest gear. Poor dude. But he kept on pedaling and was very happy he went with us. The teenager, on the other hand, absolutely can NOT be seen in public with a bicycle helmet on (OMG how embarrassing, MOM!!!), so he did not join us. Boo.

I opted to ride the Highline in VFFs today since I was riding my old PofS Walmart Special Mtn Bike. So much more comfortable than cycling shoes!

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  1. I love that TShirt!!

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