Tap Tap Tap

I have been doing a lousy job of being active lately. School started back up August 23rd. Four weeks in and 15 hours is making me a little cranky. Mainly because I have to take Algebra. I hate Algebra. Algebra is bullshit, right Dickers? Damn.

One class I do love is English comp. I honestly and truly have to think in that class. It’s great. Well, for the most part. The last week and a half have been challenging, but I still like the class.

Assignment for tomorrow: Write an intentionally vague, esoteric poem in beatnik style. I did the best I could.

Tap tap tap is what I hear over the whisper of escaping air

Drowning out the every day and have to do’s

This is freedom from him and her and him and him and them

Tap tup tap out a rhythm over the even and uneven

One falls light the other flat

For now

Forward momentum

Tap tup tap brings the pain

Concentrate on the pulling up instead of the putting down

And the rhythm will return

In time

For now the wind carries away the worry and despair

The mask and the unfair

Tap tap tap as the warmth spreads and now I’ve got it

Sublime and peaceful

A relaxed face now smiles

  1. Alex said:

    Algebra is AMAZING.

    • amienickel said:

      You’re a sick, sick woman, Alex. Which is probably why I love you. 🙂

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