I needed that

I ran 4 miles today. Not the farthest I’ve run, but a big deal to me today. Things have been rough, my ankle is still angry and getting into a routine… It just hasn’t been happening. It’s funny how no matter how much you know running is what you want and need to be doing, actually doing it can be crazy hard to start up again.

It’s overcast and cool out today which probably helped me out. Only bad thing about cool/cold weather running is that little breathing problem. Oh swells.

I threw my playlist on shuffle today. I can’t remember all the songs that came on, but I particularly enjoyed “Lose Yourself” by Eminem and “John the Fisherman” by Primus today. 🙂

I have to keep running. It’s my alone time. It makes me feel good. It’s helps me retain what little sanity I may have left.

And now I’ll just enjoy some beer and football and finish up some homework. Effin’ Romo. 😉

  1. Gusano said:

    Stupid ass romo

  2. redheartedbitch said:

    I hate football. But I’ll say “fuckin’ romo” just for you!

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