Reblogged: Demons, be gone…

Hey!! You crazy triathletes!!! Yeah, YOU!! My friend Lisa posted this on her blog.  (Demons, be gone… – windymillar’s posterous.)

I was the only person in my lane so coach spent a bit of time with me, looking at my technique. I had mentioned about my kick and the fact that it doesn’t seem to give me very much propulsion (my 25m time with and without a pull buoy is roughly the same). The triathletes on Twitter say I don’t need to kick much. Coach disagrees (although she would, as she’s a swimmer). She had a look at my body position and my kick and said that both are good. She does want me to kick MORE though. Her view is that using my legs more in the pool will make me a better and faster swimmer as well as giving me better over all leg strength for the bike and the run. She seems to think that swimming develops leg muscles that help on the bike but that the converse isn’t true.

Sooooo….. what say you, crazy people?

  1. I know I’m beyond out of shape now, but when I swam in college, I could out kick anyone and yes, it was totally down to leg strength. Swimming helped build it even more. (Plus kicking with a board is totes easier than pulling and breathing.)

  2. IMB said:

    i am not the greatest person to ask, but i just pull i do very little kicking, save the legs for the bike and run, im not super fast though over 2.4 im out of the water in about 1:30 – 1:40 without kicking, you should bug hirsch and see what he thinks but i bet the answer will be what ever feels the best for you is what you should probably go with. 🙂

  3. -philthy said:

    Swim like a swimmer, bike like a cyclist, run like a runner. All fitness helps.

  4. igglepiggle2 said:

    I had an impromptu swim on Sunday. The tri coach was already in the pool. Her swim was effortless. All the work was in her arms. She only used legs to tumble turn! I’m no expert but if I was stronger & faster in my upper body, I too would save the legs for bike & run, just some strong kicking about 25-100 m before getting out of water to increase blood flow to legs, unfortunately I need leg use in the water at the mo.

  5. Lisa said:

    AHHHH! My problem is I swim like a cyclist, bike like a cyclist and run like a cyclist!!!

    There’s an interesting comment on my post that says the swimming can’t possibly develop biking or running strength. Something to do with science…! Over my head, obviously.

    • amienickel said:

      Science schmience. You know, it’s not too late for us to just sit on the side of the pool and look cute while we watch the pretty boys…. 😉

  6. co2legs said:

    KICK!! It’s a great skill to have and will make you a well rounded athlete. When I train in the pool I try to do a lot of kicking. I find that when my kick is strong so is the rest of my swim stroke. I tend to have a kick that is a slower and stronger versus a higher cadence kick, as I find it keeps my heart rate controlled. I will do some higher cadence kicking just to do the work.

    When racing I usually keep my kick lighter to save my legs for the rest of the race. But having the strong kick is great when you need to get around someone or get out of traffic. Sometimes I’ll use a stronger kick at the start of the swim and then settle into the lighter more rythmic(sp?) kick. I will always increase my kick cadence the last few hundred hards of the swim to get some blood flow into the legs. This starts warming up the legs for the rest of the race.

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