Newton running

I wore my sweat pants rolled up on Friday when I went to class. A female instructor came up behind me on my way into ICE and asked me if I thought it was summer or something. I laughed and told her that since it was above freezing, I was pretending it was Spring already. She laughed and told me I have nice legs. Yeah. I kinda do. 😀

That’s not really important. I’m just sharing one of the few things I’m vain about. 🙂

I expected to feel something in my calves yesterday. Some twinges, maybe even a little pain, from my new shoes. Nada! Aces. Today, tho, my legs felt alien and rubbery to me. I didn’t sleep well at all last night, and I think that has something to do with it. I woke up feeling like I was getting sick, but I only needed to run 2 miles today, so I did. OUTSIDE. I know. If you’re still in the frozen, arctic tundra, I’m sorry. Don’t hate me. It’s lovely out. The sun is shining and it’s in the 40’s. The wind is cold and felt great on my run!! Yay!!


Oh shut up! It sounded funny in my head! Hahahahaha!!
You don’t want to go in there….

I bought some new running shoes today. Ta-da!!!

This is my second pair of Newtons. I went from VFF’s, to Nike Frees, back to VFF’s to Newtons last year. I think I’ll just stick with these bad boys. I got a pretty good deal, too, thanks to a $50 Groupon, a $20 gift card and a 10% discount for being a member of the multi-sport club. Yay!!!

Took them out for a spin this evening. Sure pissed me off that I had to drive to the gym to run on the stupid, torturous, retardo dread mill because finally the tundra is melting but my neighborhood is covered in slush. Yuck. There is NO way I’m getting my shoes all gross on the first run. Pffftttt. But whatever. At least I got to try them out. Only did 2 miles, just to be safe. The guy at the store kept telling me, “Don’t just go out and run 5 miles in these. Ease into them. They’re different than your last pair.” Sighface I do know this. I swear I do. I learned my lessons last year. But I totally appreciate the reminder. That’s why I love that store.

I would like to point out that there is green glitter in that ‘n’. This is only acceptable because I know it can’t escape.

Love. These. Shoes. (But I still want some VFF Bikilas or Komodo Sports)

I’m not going to lie. There is something exciting about every Sunday being the “farthest I’ve ever run” day. And while there’s no way I’m going to really be ready for my first half marathon next month, I’m excited about it. Every long run gives me just a little more confidence. The slowest person in my age group last year finished in 4:17:08. I don’t think I’ll be that slow, but you never know. I’m just looking to finish this one. There always has to be a first one.

This past Sunday I ran 7 miles. It’s getting easier to push myself and I love it. Several times on that run I just started smiling. Why? Because I was running. I have fallen in love with running. My ankle is finally getting stronger and bothering me less and less. I don’t feel like I’m going to die after 3 miles. I’m happy when I’m running. Well, except for when there are spider webs floating through the air. That’s damn annoying. Ugh.

I saw a family sitting on their front porch carving pumpkins Sunday. The two little kids were so excited watching (presumably) their dad scooping out pumpkin goo. I passed a house with a giant inflatable Dallas Cowboy and a huge Dallas Cowboys flag and laughed out loud thinking about how in a few hours, I’d be parked on my couch, yelling at fucking Romo (I seriously want one of those customized jerseys and I want it to say “FKN Romo!”). I lost count of the cigarette butts I saw on the ground that day, but remember the happy feeling with every one I saw, “I’m so glad I quit.”

Running has become a very important part of me. I think it’s always been in there; a little girl dying to run, run, run, as fast and as far as she can. I’ve finally acknowledged her and am letting her do it.

What are your favorite running shoes?

In case you haven’t heard, I got new shoes. Yes, “real” shoes, not VFF’s. (FYI, I have every intention of buying a pair of the new ones when they come out!!!!)

Today was the first day I’ve been excited to run in a long time. I haven’t been running much at all since December. Which is stupid, I know. I fell hard off that fitness wagon. For various reasons, I had a really hard time getting back on. The weather, crazy family stuff, school, work. But the weather is looking nice again (in the 50’s this morning), I’m figuring out the time crunch (school is time consuming!) and (duh) I have new shoes to run in!!!

I’m sure you’re asking, “Why real running shoes, Amy?”. Well. Because. I love, Love, LOVE VFF’s, but when it comes to traction on slickery surfaces, they’re dangerous. At least for my (non) graceful ass. And I knew I didn’t want to get another pair that I wouldn’t love (Nike Free, you broke my heart). So I went to The Starting Block and had them do a (free!) gait analysis. I learned that I don’t walk quite right, which just makes sense… most things about me are not quite right. 😉 But I didn’t need anything special like stability or whatever. So, since I already run in VFF’s and have been running forefoot for a while, the guy said i could try Newton’s. I agreed to start at the bottom with the Lady Isaac Guidance Trainer (as seen above). Put one on and laced it up and it was *gasp* comfortable!! So I put on the other one, laced it up… would you believe THAT one was comfortable, too???! I KNOW!! So he told me I could run up and down the sidewalk. I did. And I fell in love. I’ve never EVER been this comfortable in a running shoe. E.V.E.R. I am a very happy girl.

So today was the first run in them. 2 mile push/walk/run in the wind (gusts up to 24mph). I won’t bore you with the deets. But it was pretty good. Especially considering I had a mysterious dry cough in the middle of the night that caused some very uncomfortable burning in my chest this morning. Didn’t matter. I was having fun. The shoes are great and I’m super pissed at myself for waiting so long to get my ass moving. But you can’t go backward, right? Move Forward.

Now I just have to sort out what races I want to do this year. I think I’ve got most of them figured out. I live in the land of 5K races, apparently. I’ll have to keep an eye out for some longer ones later.

Anyway, thanks for reading!!! I need to do some homework, go to the store and find time the watch The Big Lebowski so a certain someone will speak to me again… 😉