Can you even believe how long it’s been since I put anything here?! Holy smokes. A lot has happened/changed since last April. But we won’t get into all that. I still like running. I still wear Newtons to run, and VFFs for every day. Oh, but now I have a pair of Toms. Nice. I like them. I still have a half-fro that I occasionally let loose while I’m running. I have more tattoos, and more metal in my face. My kids are still growing (what the hell is that about? they’re like huge!), and I’m still all married, and stuff. Did I miss anything? Okay, moving on…

I didn’t make any resolutions this year. Mainly because last year’s goals were woefully unmet. So instead, I came up with “things I want to do”. I think that will work out much better for me. Come on. You know me. Throw a shiny thing at me, and I’m veering off course before you can say, “Hey, Amy. Look at this shiny thing.” I am trying to minimize the disappointment at the end of the year (heh, or within the first few months) when I have to face the things left unaccomplished.

Don’t fret, though. I’m not going to let you surf away completely empty-handed. I can tell you what’s already on the calendar this year:

The 4th Annual Frisco Railroad Run Half Marathon:  I did the 10-miler last year, and fell in love with that trail, so decided it was time to do a half mary successfully. This is the one. Can’t wait. I like the medals. They are big, and have a train on them. Whoot whoooooot!

Warrior Dash:  I absolutely love this race. So fun. Who doesn’t want to conquer 3.1 miles worth of obstacles, jump over fire, and low-crawl under barbed-wire in a pit of mud?!?! I’m doing this race with my friend Kate this year, and we’ll also be cheering on another friend (who couldn’t make it into our wave… balls). Can’t wait! I will definitely make sure I wear pants I can cinch up tight. My shorts almost slid all the way down my hiney last year when I got out of the mud! Sheesh.

All-Star Game Charity 5K & Fun Run:  In December, my step mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Stupid cancer. Luckily, they found it through a routine mammogram, and were able to take care of it quickly. She had a double mastectomy in January, and is doing great now. She’s a helluva strong lady with a giant heart. I heard about this run right around the time she was diagnosed, and decided that I just had to do this run. If you click the link, you can donate. The proceeds go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Stand Up to Cancer, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Cool your jets. If you’re like me, you’ve had a huge problem with Komen in the last few weeks. But I was already signed up, and cancer is a bitch who doesn’t care about politics. So go donate, please. That will make us all feel so much better, don’t you think? I’m doing this run in honor of my great grandmother, grandmother in law, and my step mom. The grandmothers both lost their battle with cancer. Super glad my step mom hasn’t.

Bass Pro Conservation Marathon:  Well then. 26.2 miles. Twenty six point two. I guess it’s confirmed that I’m crazy. Why did I sign up for this? Well, you see, I decided at the end of 2011 that I would focus on running this year. I’ll still ride and swim, but I don’t actually have any tris on my radar as of yet. So why not go ahead and stare death in the eyes this year? Over-dramatic? Possibly. You don’t know. What if this year they decide to release wild, blood-thirsty animals onto the course to chase us down? Mmmm hmmm. Bet you’ll feel like a big, dumb, dummy when you find out I could not fully unleash my inner Kenyan, and was eaten by a freakin’ liger. You heartless jerk.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah. Running.

So, this year’s focus is running. I’ve heard a rumor of a new tri possibly happening locally that could get me to flex my SBR muscles, but otherwise, I’m just unsure right now about that.

Oh. Swimming. There’s a chance I could actually be half-way decent at this. Someday. Not in the near future, necessarily. But, you know, maybe by the time I’m 40? Yeah. That’s a good goal. I’ll be half-way decent at swimming by my 40th birthday. Which means maybe I’ll try my first OWS this year. Um, that’s “open water swim”, not “occupy wall street”. Heh, still get confused when I see OWS in the news. Can’t figure out why an open water swim is such a big damn deal.

Back to running: I did my first 5k race of the year yesterday. I use the term “race” sort of loose-like because I’m only racing myself. I am so competitive with me! Yesterday was a great race. I beat me. Pretty good. I finished in ((drum roll, please)) 27:39. I know. I know. Amazing, right? Yes, that is exactly how I felt when I saw that my Garmin was not playing a cruel joke on me, and I had totally blown myself out of the water. It was cold as hell out yesterday (yes, I see how that really doesn’t make sense seeing as how everyone claims hell has fire, but whatever shut up), so I don’t know how much of that was me just wanting to feel my toes again, but I’ll take it. Of course, this also means I had better start running faster regularly. That’s the downside of a PR. You see what you’re capable of, and realize you are one lazy mofo.

Well, there ya go. If you missed me, I think that’s a healthy dose of “Oh yeah, she’s just a weirdo” to hold you over. Will do my best to keep this up to date. My homework load has increased. Like, a LOT. So, I’m not promising you people a damn thing. I can only do what I can do.


Okay. So here it is. My “this is what I hope I’m doing this year” post. I’ve set a goal to do at least one race of some kind every month. Really, this will just depend on my checkbook. So hey, if you read this and you come to me for massage, remember, you’re helping me meet a goal! 😉 I also want to get my 5K time under 30 min. That should be easy enough, right?

January = Starting Block Resolution Run 5K * This was co-o-o-o-o-o-o-old!! But fun. First race of 2011.
February =  Why Not Tri * Indoor tri *
March = Isabel’s House/Pitter Pat * 10K *
April = Frisco Railroad Run * 10 miles
May = May Day 5K
June = Frisco Runaway Triathlon * Sprint
July = Dragon’s Breath 5K or Dash ‘n’ Dip 5K
Girls Just Wanna Run 5K
Concreteman Triathlon * Oly or Sprint  (whether or not I do this one will depend on how confident I am in my swim)
August = Republic Tiger Tri * Sprint
November = Bass Pro Half Marathon

That’s what I’m looking at so far. I know, I don’t have anything down for September, October or December yet. I’m keeping my eye on the upcoming stuff and hopefully I’ll find something soon to fill in the blanks.

So, it’s time to shake off the blahs. This winter has been exceptionally hard on my psyche for some reason, and it shows in my lack of swim/bike/running. With a full-time load at school and, well, life, I’m really going to have to buckle down to get the work done.

Oh, and I’ll be traveling to the great state of Tex-ass in May to cheer on  PhilJeremy and Brian while they crush Ironman Texas. Can’t wait!!! Yeehaw!! It will be my first time spectating an Ironman and I’m freaking STOKED!!

Time to do work, then.

This is what my street has looked like for the last week and a half. Blargh.

This has taken me entirely too long to get around to writing. It’s not that I didn’t want to write it. I did. I’m just super awesome at procrastinating. Luckily, I know this about myself and made a note of the important stuff.

This was my first half marathon. I signed up for this thing back in April. I totally thought I’d be ready, no problem. Heh, I did not, however, foresee jacking up my ankle in August. That set back training. Oh well. Shit happens, right? Life and injuries happen. All I can do is keep moving forward. (I smell a tattoo…)

Okay, so I woke up feeling like I was getting a cold, but I ignored that. At the start I felt great. I mean really great. Like, I totally forgot how ill-prepared I was for this race good. I got all teary when they said raise your hand if you have a loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan. I raised my hand thinking of my super-bad sister-in-law in Iraq and her husband who will be heading to Afghanistan in short order. After the national anthem, it was go time.

The first 2.5 miles were fine. Better than fine. I felt good and was having a great time. Apparently my IT band decided feeling good was out of the question. I felt a twinge in my right knee, but it wasn’t enough to stop running. I ran for another mile and a half before realizing this was a big problem. I finally had to admit I was in a lot of pain. I stopped to walk and stretch, thinking that walking a little wouldn’t be awful. I was disappointed because it was so early in the race, but whatever. What can you do? I kept up a decent run/walk/stretch/run routine until around mile 9. By mile 10 I wanted to cry, and at mile 11 I was barely moving. My right knee just didn’t want to bend. But I kept plugging along. I always carry my phone, so I was texting The Husband and Dickers who were both super encouraging. Dickers, tho, totally made me laugh instead of cry. Thank you, Sam!!! 😀
ME: “I can’t hardly walk! My right leg is shot!”
DICKERS: “Drag it!”
ME: “I wanna sit down so bad!”
DICKERS: “You can sit down after 13.1! Keep going!”

So I finished my first half marathon with a great time…had I run a marathon. 😉 Oh well. I’ll just have to try again. When my Mom called that afternoon to ask how it went and update me on my step-dad’s condition, she asked why, if it hurt that bad, I didn’t quit. Um, because I had to finish, duh. I told her, “Because Randy didn’t quit, so why should I?” Randy is my step-dad. He’s still in ICU after an abdominal aortic aneurysm almost killed him 9 days before my race. He shouldn’t have made it, say the doctors. Well, if he can pull through that and 8 hours of surgery, I damn sure can walk to a finish in a piddly-ass half marathon.

Here are some things that stood out.

1) The cute girl in the Camp Barnabas shirt pushing the man in the wheelchair. She totally beat me. She pushed a wheelchair for 13.1 miles. Wow!

2) Downtown there were a couple of homeless folks cheering us on. That was crazy, funny and very cool. I’ve seen those two before on my way to class a couple of times. I also saw a kid sleeping on a bus bench. Thought it was another homeless person, but turns out it was just a tired kid out to support their runner.

3) Something smelled positively awful on Jefferson between Walnut and Pershing. No joke, it smelled like Pascagoula in the summertime. If you’ve not ever driven through Pascagoula, MS, then think rotten broccoli. Blech!

4) Right after the nasty smell there was a rock band on the corner of Jefferson and Elm. I have no idea if they were any good. They stopped playing when I got close enough to hear.

5) With my gimpy knee, I chased down a woman who had dropped a fuel belt bottle. She only had the one on her belt so I figured it probably was important she have it. It’s not like I was going to be breaking any speed records, so I picked it up. Damn, she was hard to catch! But I did. Karma points.

6) Next time I run this, I’m stopping to pick up the damn beer tickets. I passed at least 6 or 7 on the road because people apparently didn’t know to tear them off of their bib before they start running.

7) About 2 miles from the finish, this guy doing the marathon came running past. He had blood on his shirt. My first experience seeing the infamous bloody nipples. Well, technically not the nipples. The shirt was enough to turn my stomach a little. No thanks. Ugh. Pretty sure THAT would slow my ass down. Ouchouchouch.

I know normally there’s “nothing new on race day”. But sometimes that doesn’t happen either. I couldn’t get to my gel because the zipper on my pack got stuck. So I grabbed one at an aid station. I’m a fan of Hammer gels because they never upset my stomach and they taste good.  These were apple cinnamon flavored, but they tasted alright and no ill effects. Glad that worked out.

The other new thing I had on race day was my brand new Garmin. Seriously, I wanna marry it. I love that thing. That is all.

So not a great report, but oh well. I got the first one out of the way and got my first medal. I’m hoping to do another one in December. We’ll see. It’s 4 loops, so I’m not completely sold on it yet.

I’m not going to lie. There is something exciting about every Sunday being the “farthest I’ve ever run” day. And while there’s no way I’m going to really be ready for my first half marathon next month, I’m excited about it. Every long run gives me just a little more confidence. The slowest person in my age group last year finished in 4:17:08. I don’t think I’ll be that slow, but you never know. I’m just looking to finish this one. There always has to be a first one.

This past Sunday I ran 7 miles. It’s getting easier to push myself and I love it. Several times on that run I just started smiling. Why? Because I was running. I have fallen in love with running. My ankle is finally getting stronger and bothering me less and less. I don’t feel like I’m going to die after 3 miles. I’m happy when I’m running. Well, except for when there are spider webs floating through the air. That’s damn annoying. Ugh.

I saw a family sitting on their front porch carving pumpkins Sunday. The two little kids were so excited watching (presumably) their dad scooping out pumpkin goo. I passed a house with a giant inflatable Dallas Cowboy and a huge Dallas Cowboys flag and laughed out loud thinking about how in a few hours, I’d be parked on my couch, yelling at fucking Romo (I seriously want one of those customized jerseys and I want it to say “FKN Romo!”). I lost count of the cigarette butts I saw on the ground that day, but remember the happy feeling with every one I saw, “I’m so glad I quit.”

Running has become a very important part of me. I think it’s always been in there; a little girl dying to run, run, run, as fast and as far as she can. I’ve finally acknowledged her and am letting her do it.

I did my first triathlon on Saturday. The 4th Annual Republic Tiger Tri. I loved it and did a lot better than I expected to do. Can’t wait to be able to do it again.
Thanks for reading!

Just kidding. It’s taken me a few days. I’ve been soaking it in. Reliving certain moments in my head. Smiling a lot. Finally decided it’s time to get the report done. Turn on some Black Keys and here we go. Grab something to drink because this is my first big one and I have a lot to say.

Eleven days before my FIRST EVAH TRIATHLON, I sprained my ankle. The Husband says it was punishment for going out to run when he told me not to. It was hot that day. Really hot. I really wanted to go for a run and he kept reminding me the heat index was over 100°. Once the heat index dropped under 100° I headed out the door. I was just going to do a couple of miles. No biggie.”See in a little bit!” Just a short run.
It ended up being super short. Less than a block from the house I rolled my ankle. I call it a “super roll” because I heard two pops. When you’re walking and you twist your ankle, you can usually catch yourself. When you’re feeling awesome and you’re so happy to be out running and you twist your ankle, there’s no catching yourself. It rolled {pop}, then all my weight went down {POP} and down I went. I was in a shit ton of pain and freaking out. Bawling my eyes out. Sitting in the street. I called The Husband (I can’t tell you how much he LOVES getting phone calls from me crying) to come get me. I would like to give a giant middle finger to the asshole who was mowing his grass, saw me sitting in the street bleeding and crying and didn’t come to see if I was okay. Jerk.

To anyone who thinks social networking is useless: You’re dumb. If it weren’t for Twitter, I would not have known what to do about my ankle. I would have babied it, I wouldn’t have known what was good for it and what was bad. Immediately, I had advice and support (which, let’s face it, is what I really needed at first). Bobby said not to worry because I was totally prepared for my race. “Consider it an extended taper”  The very next morning, the beautiful, smart, wicked nice Cat tweeted instructions at me on how to wrap, ice and exercise it. She made me feel 100% better when, after I sent her pics, she texts me with, “Oh, I’ve fixed a lot worse.” Sweet! She said she’s had her athletes back up and running after 7 days! I still think she’s a witch doctor. I heart her. Mucho mucho. She also turned me onto KT Tape which is AWESOME!

Three days before my race, Cat told me I could try riding my bike and running. Words can’t even express how excited I was. I had tried to swim and got really upset when that hurt. Looking back, I realize that swim was just bad overall. I couldn’t find my rhythm, I was uncomfortable, kept drinking the pool and breathing in water. I was exhausted and quit after half my workout. So when she told me to try riding and running, I was scared. Riding was pretty good. Clipping out of my pedals was a challenge because even though it didn’t hurt much, the instinct to guard the injury kicked in and I was slow. Still, I was encouraged a little bit. That evening I tried running. Oh boy. This one I was scared of. Cat said walk 2:00, jog 30 sec and if that was okay, I could increase jog time up to 5:00. Thanks to her advice, Bobby’s encouragement, The Husband’s support and positive attitude and Eminem (damn, I like that new album!) I did it! And it was awesome. Finally, I felt like I was going to do okay at this race.
I had decided that I didn’t care how long it took me to finish. Before the sprain, I wanted to go all out and just be as fast as possible. By Friday night, I finally admitted it didn’t matter how fast I did it. The point was just to DO it. That’s what I signed up for, right? To test myself? To see if I’d like it? To have fun? Of course, I had a time in mind. It took me 37:00 to walk/jog 2.1 miles on Wednesday, so I figured I’d be coming in around 2:15:00.
I made a last minute decision… I know, I know. “Nothing new on race day”. Well, I made the decision the day before race day, so yea. After extensive discussion with my jockstrap (like 2 or 3 text messages… super extensive, yea) I decided to change out my pedals. Unclipping from my pedals was uncomfortable and I was slow doing it. So I found a pair of pedals in the garage with toe loops on them and put those on. *It should be noted that The Husband had to help me get my Shimano SPD SL pedals off and in doing so, sustained an injury to his hand. :(* I rode around the block and it felt okay, but I didn’t like not being able to move my feet around and my left heel was hitting the crank arm. So I removed the toe loops. Okay. Done. It’s technically not new because up until a year ago, I’d never ridden a bike with clipless pedals, so there. Ha!


I barely slept Friday night. Not from nerves. From a bad ass headache. It was awful. I got about 3 hours sleep total. When the alarm went off (4:45), I forced myself to stay calm. Hey, my ankle doesn’t hurt! Do I hear rain? Surely not. Deep breaths, get up, get the guys up, get ready to go. Breakfast was a bowl of honey nut shredded wheat and a cup of  coffee. That’s definitely rain. Crap. I’ve never ridden in the rain or even when it was wet out. A little help twitter? Yep, thanks, Grant!
The rain wasn’t heavy, so that was good. As long as it didn’t get heavier and quit soon, I knew the low water crossings on the bike course would be fine.
When we got to the race site, there was a flash of lightning. Really? Oh well. If I get struck my lightning because of John (that’s my bike’s name if you’re new here), so be it. Off we go to get marked. “Go set up and come back for body marking when it stops raining.” By now my stomach was all kinds of fluttery. I didn’t have butterflies, I had condors in my stomach. Yay, me for getting there early because they don’t assign rack space. It was still pretty empty when John and I rolled up. I had planned on using chalk (bright purple, thank you Abby!) to mark my spot, but it was raining. Quick thinking: I racked where the handicap parking spots started. I still counted racks, but really all I had to do was look for the first blue paint coming into T1 and the last blue paint coming into T2. Word.
As I’m standing there looking at the bike next to mine, wondering if it matters how I put it on the rack (some hooked their bikes by the seat, some by the brake levers), a lady comes up on the other side of the rack and sets her stuff down. Her bike is a tri bike, which means she’s probably done this before. “This is my first time. Does it matter how I put my bike on here?” She said not really and welcomed me. After I had all my stuff laid out on my towel, she made me show her my set up to make sure I had everything I needed!! Wow. She was super nice. 🙂
Stopped to chat with my landlords (they were both racing, too) and then went to get my Heed out of the truck. I was pretty thirsty. Happens when I get nervous. And then I have to pee a lot. I guess it could be worse, right?
It stopped raining so Shorty and The Husband stood in line with me to get marked. I won’t lie. I was really excited about this.
My dad rolled in a few minutes after I got marked and took a picture or two. I showed him transition (from a distance) and explained how it was going to work: Pool–>T1–>Bike out–>Bike in–>T2–>Run out–>Finish. He was really excited, but worried about my ankle. Everybody was worried about my ankle.
Before I knew it, they were getting ready to shut down transition. Oh crap. I’m really here and I’m really going to do this. Oh crap. Have fun, have fun, have fun. Oh, and have fun.

SWIM {8:32}

So I’m slow. I’m fine with being a slow swimmer. Since I just started swimming in like June. And honestly, it was fun to watch the fast swimmers and cheer them on. I met some really fun people and we laughed, compared stories and fears and just had a great time waiting for our wave to start. I lined up in the 8 to 9 min wave. I knew I’d probably be faster than that because of adrenaline, but didn’t want to look like an ass if I had trouble. My fastest swim up to this point was something like 8:44.
Waiting to start the swim is where I first saw Gorilla man. Seriously, I’m pretty sure this dude could bench 1200 lbs without even trying. He was HUGE!! And symmetrical. Huge. Wow.
Just before our turn to get cleared to jump, I hugged the girl in front of me, Kelly. HA, we introduced ourselves at that point. We had been talking, laughing and having fun for over an hour without knowing each others names. Heh. We were both so damned excited!!
The swim was good. I don’t remember swallowing any water for a change. I felt great, felt strong and confident. I probably could have passed Kelly about halfway through, but didn’t want to. I got passed by one chick. That’s fine. I expected more, so yay! I need to learn to do those fancy-schmancy swimmer turns. I was actually out of the water in just under 8 min.
But then you’ve got that run/jog/walk to transition…

T1 {2:46}

Pulled off my goggles and twitter #swim cap (Thank you so much, Donna!) and did a fast walk/sorta jog from the pool to T1. Fear is a mighty powerful thing. Babytheankle. Babytheankle. Babytheankle. I saw 3 of my guys (The Husband, Shorty and my dad) standing there as soon as I came out of the pool area and turned onto the sidewalk. Yay! Big smiles! Okay, gotta get John. Lookfortheblue. Lookfortheblue. Lookforthe… There he is!! The lady who checked out my transition set up for me was getting ready to head out on the run. She asked me how I was doing and if I was having fun. “Yes!” She told me I looked good and off she went. Awesome! Hey, how come none of yous told me how hard it is to get cycling shorts on when you’re wet? Oh, you wanna be a smart ass? I should have known that, you say? I was a nervous fricken wreck up until I hit the water! I can’t think of EVERYTHING people! Gosh! Shorts on, socks on (had rolled these up the night before so they were wicked easy to put on), Newtons on, race belt on, glasses on, gloves on, helmet on, grab John, GO! I’m totally not running my bike out. Babytheankle.

Bike {55:36}

I had not ridden the whole course at one time. The day I sprained my ankle, I found out they changed the bike course. It was originally two 6 mile loops (you can look back a few posts and there’s a map). They decided to take out one loop and add an out and back. The day I tested out my new rubber ankle, I only rode the out and back. It was hard that day because it was super hot and I wasn’t very well hydrated. But today? I loved it. Even the hard parts. I smiled lot. At the turn around, a guy I had seen at a 5k and who I talked to before the swim told me to pick it up to make up for my run. Lol. Awesome! He was wicked nice. But I couldn’t keep up with him. I did so much better on the bike than I ever anticipated. I even passed some folks! On the uphills! I was almost back to the original course when I saw Gorilla man again. How in the hell is he bending that bulk over on his bike!! Wow! I finally made it to “The hill”. I was ready. I got as aero as an inexperienced newbie can get on the downhill (yes, I screamed as I got up to 38.5 mph) and flew! Okay, time to pedal up. I will admit to flipping off the cows, “Didn’t think I could do it, did ya moo cows? Fuck you! Ha! I’m. Almost. To. The. Top. Hell yea, mo’ fo’!!! And then I hear coming up on my left, “Man, I need more gears!”. Ha, not me! I know this hill. And on this day, I made it my bitch. Wicka wicka! The rest was pretty easy. I was so happy when I looked down and saw that I had finished the bike in under an hour. Holy crap! Yeeesssssss!

T2 {2:03}

Dismount, lookfortheendofthebluepaint, “excuse me” to the people standing in transition in front of people’s shit just talking to their athlete WTF??, rack John. Helmet off, gloves off, shorts off, running shorts on, KATG wristband on (I have my reasons), visor around my neck, turn number around, head for the run course while I move my ponytail up, visor up (hey, it fits over my glasses! Sweet!), walk-don’t-run over the grass to get to the path, okay, try to run.

Run {38:20}

My legs laughed at me. Oh come on! We’ve done this before. I’m just asking you to move forward, for crying out loud. I took it easy, walked a minute, took water from the nice volunteer and after a sip, dumped it on my head. I tried running. I honestly can’t remember how the first few minutes really went. I remember that I was jogging by the time I was halfway around the path and someone running back to the finish was telling me I looked good. Yeah, thanks, but you’re a damn liar. Lol. I’m sure I was looking pretty goofy at that point. I feel like my legs are never going to goooo. Oh well. I walked quite a bit just because I didn’t want to risk hurting myself any worse. I walked the downhills and any area that was all cracked and uneven. Most of the run is in residential areas. Guess who comes up on me around halfway through. Gorilla man!! “Come on! Keep moving! Let’s go!” Well shit. Okay. I guess I’ll try to run some more (I was walking). I jogged behind his symmeticalness for a little bit and then I had to walk some more because my ankle spoke to me (it really wasn’t digging the right turns, dude). Bye bye, Gorilla man. I’ll kick your ass next year! I mean that in the nicest way, for reals. I swear. But he’s so big! There’s no reason he should be able to beat me, dammit!
I took every cup of water held out to me and poured it on my head. The one time I tried to take a drink (at mile 2), I inhaled water instead of drank it and started coughing. Newbie. Sheesh.
I’m finally almost at the end, on the path, my left quads are pissed and my right knee is crying. Oh. My. God. Is that Erin? Oh please, let that be Erin. It is!! It’s my Sugar. I almost cried. How stupid is that? I was soooo happy to see her. She came out here just to see me finish this damn thing! She rocks. I love her. She’s yelling at me. I can’t remember now what she was yelling, but it made me laugh. I blew her a kiss. Smiles!
Across the street, up onto the grass, holy shit I’m in the chute! I’m almost done! Yes!! There’s The Husband! Thumbs up. I think he told me I did great or something. I don’t remember. I’m done. Hell yeah, bitches!! I’m a triathlete!!! And I didn’t roll my ankle!! Woohoo!! Hell YES I want an icy cold towel! Blue Powerade please! There’s my daddy. He’s so proud of me. I’M so proud of me! And then that thing Grant warned me about happened….


I seriously loved that race. Even the few parts that hurt were amazing!!! This race is well organized, the staff was amazing, the volunteers kicked ass and the athletes were aces. I’m pretty sure I said thank you to every volunteer on the course. Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone.

Thank you family for putting up with me and letting me do this. 🙂
Thank you Sugar for being there at just the perfect moment!
Thank you Bobby for spreading this crazy disease. I wouldn’t have ever done this if not for you. Fuck yeah, Suck yeah!
Thank you Cat for fixing me up!!!! You’re so Bad Ass!!
Thank you Sam for the wardrobe consult! 😉
Thank you to all my Twitter buddies who helped keep me excited and motivated with your own races and stories.
Thank you to my “real life” friends for your encouragement.
Here are some more pictures.

Next up? My first half marathon. But don’t worry. I’m totally going to do more triathlons. It’s too damn much fun!!!


On the 24th I ran the Nixa Police Officers Association “Doughnut Run” 5K. Did pretty ok. Nice hat, huh? Shorty was there at the finish and was quite excited that I got a coupon for a dozen FREE doughnuts which we picked up on the way home. 😉

Monday, went for a ride on John and ended up sick. Ugh. It sucked. But today….

Today after my swim, I had the pleasure of going for a nice ride on the Frisco Highline Trail with Shorty and The Husband. It was fun and Shorty is QUITE a trooper. His gears were jacked up so he rode 12.4 miles in his lowest gear. Poor dude. But he kept on pedaling and was very happy he went with us. The teenager, on the other hand, absolutely can NOT be seen in public with a bicycle helmet on (OMG how embarrassing, MOM!!!), so he did not join us. Boo.

I opted to ride the Highline in VFFs today since I was riding my old PofS Walmart Special Mtn Bike. So much more comfortable than cycling shoes!

Thursday and Friday in SWMO were splendiferously beautiful. Sunny skies, mild to warm temps. Wonderful weather!! Friday was the last day of classes before spring break and the first official day of spring was Saturday, so what could possibly screw this week up? Um, I believe we call it Mother Nature.

I signed up for this 5K to get back in the swing. I’ve been pretty lazy over the last few months and was ready to start working on myself again. PLUS, it’s for a good cause, duh. I was excited to race again! The Husband was signed up too for pretty much the same reasons.

But wouldn’t you know it, the weather turned craptastic and by the time we got up to go, the windchill was 25 and it was raining. Sheesh! So bundled up and headed out.

A couple of minutes after we left, The Husband’s phone ding-dinged. It was the teenager. The power was out. Turns out, kids aren’t too keen on staying home by themselves if there’s no power. Imagine that. So we turned the truck around and went to rescue them. Not knowing what was up or why the power went out, The Husband sacrificed his racing dreams to stay home with the boys and I left by myself.

I got there, got my packet, put on my number and chip and went looking for a bathroom. The start was at Ridge Runner Sports and there was a bathroom inside. The line wasn’t awful, but it did cut into warming up and getting used to the cold. It wasn’t until I was only 2nd from the front that they came and told us there were 2 porta-johns out back. Oh swells.

There’s really not a lot to tell about this race. I liked it, there weren’t many people, and it was pretty stinkin’ cold. And wet. The course was an out and back with some slight inclines (I won’t call them hills). I had trouble on the way back when the wind was in my face because it was coooooold and that seems to kick in my dormant asthma. Boo. Otherwise it was fine.

Time: 00:38:32  Not my fastest, not my slowest. Definitely better than my 3 miles on the treadmill 3 days earlier! 😉
Now we have baselines for my run and bike… Just gotta get my ass to the pool….