Random Thoughts

I agreed to do a photo-a-day challenge with my friend Alex this year. Sometimes the photos are pretty “meh” because maybe nothing photo-worthy happened that day. Except that sometimes it’s the mundane that really sparks a thought.

This is my photo from January 3rd:

A parking meter. Pretty boring, right? Until I started at MSU, I didn’t see these very often, but maybe to you, they’re something you see or use everyday.

When I was putting quarters in the meter at MSU today, I started thinking about the “quarters” I’m putting into myself trying to buy time. Time to spend with my kids (and hopefully grandkids (someday)), time to get a degree I’m beyond excited about, time to help the others in my life that mean so much to me. And time to continue growing into myself. I’m such a work in progress. I gotta keep feeding the meter.

I fill my meter by running and working out. It would help if I ate better, but I’m working on it. As always. 😉

What are you filling your meter for, and how do you do it?