Hey!! You crazy triathletes!!! Yeah, YOU!! My friend Lisa posted this on her blog.  (Demons, be gone… – windymillar’s posterous.)

I was the only person in my lane so coach spent a bit of time with me, looking at my technique. I had mentioned about my kick and the fact that it doesn’t seem to give me very much propulsion (my 25m time with and without a pull buoy is roughly the same). The triathletes on Twitter say I don’t need to kick much. Coach disagrees (although she would, as she’s a swimmer). She had a look at my body position and my kick and said that both are good. She does want me to kick MORE though. Her view is that using my legs more in the pool will make me a better and faster swimmer as well as giving me better over all leg strength for the bike and the run. She seems to think that swimming develops leg muscles that help on the bike but that the converse isn’t true.

Sooooo….. what say you, crazy people?