Hey!! You crazy triathletes!!! Yeah, YOU!! My friend Lisa posted this on her blog.  (Demons, be gone… – windymillar’s posterous.)

I was the only person in my lane so coach spent a bit of time with me, looking at my technique. I had mentioned about my kick and the fact that it doesn’t seem to give me very much propulsion (my 25m time with and without a pull buoy is roughly the same). The triathletes on Twitter say I don’t need to kick much. Coach disagrees (although she would, as she’s a swimmer). She had a look at my body position and my kick and said that both are good. She does want me to kick MORE though. Her view is that using my legs more in the pool will make me a better and faster swimmer as well as giving me better over all leg strength for the bike and the run. She seems to think that swimming develops leg muscles that help on the bike but that the converse isn’t true.

Sooooo….. what say you, crazy people?


Okay. So here it is. My “this is what I hope I’m doing this year” post. I’ve set a goal to do at least one race of some kind every month. Really, this will just depend on my checkbook. So hey, if you read this and you come to me for massage, remember, you’re helping me meet a goal! 😉 I also want to get my 5K time under 30 min. That should be easy enough, right?

January = Starting Block Resolution Run 5K * This was co-o-o-o-o-o-o-old!! But fun. First race of 2011.
February =  Why Not Tri * Indoor tri *
March = Isabel’s House/Pitter Pat * 10K *
April = Frisco Railroad Run * 10 miles
May = May Day 5K
June = Frisco Runaway Triathlon * Sprint
July = Dragon’s Breath 5K or Dash ‘n’ Dip 5K
Girls Just Wanna Run 5K
Concreteman Triathlon * Oly or Sprint  (whether or not I do this one will depend on how confident I am in my swim)
August = Republic Tiger Tri * Sprint
November = Bass Pro Half Marathon

That’s what I’m looking at so far. I know, I don’t have anything down for September, October or December yet. I’m keeping my eye on the upcoming stuff and hopefully I’ll find something soon to fill in the blanks.

So, it’s time to shake off the blahs. This winter has been exceptionally hard on my psyche for some reason, and it shows in my lack of swim/bike/running. With a full-time load at school and, well, life, I’m really going to have to buckle down to get the work done.

Oh, and I’ll be traveling to the great state of Tex-ass in May to cheer on  PhilJeremy and Brian while they crush Ironman Texas. Can’t wait!!! Yeehaw!! It will be my first time spectating an Ironman and I’m freaking STOKED!!

Time to do work, then.

This is what my street has looked like for the last week and a half. Blargh.

I’m not going to lie. There is something exciting about every Sunday being the “farthest I’ve ever run” day. And while there’s no way I’m going to really be ready for my first half marathon next month, I’m excited about it. Every long run gives me just a little more confidence. The slowest person in my age group last year finished in 4:17:08. I don’t think I’ll be that slow, but you never know. I’m just looking to finish this one. There always has to be a first one.

This past Sunday I ran 7 miles. It’s getting easier to push myself and I love it. Several times on that run I just started smiling. Why? Because I was running. I have fallen in love with running. My ankle is finally getting stronger and bothering me less and less. I don’t feel like I’m going to die after 3 miles. I’m happy when I’m running. Well, except for when there are spider webs floating through the air. That’s damn annoying. Ugh.

I saw a family sitting on their front porch carving pumpkins Sunday. The two little kids were so excited watching (presumably) their dad scooping out pumpkin goo. I passed a house with a giant inflatable Dallas Cowboy and a huge Dallas Cowboys flag and laughed out loud thinking about how in a few hours, I’d be parked on my couch, yelling at fucking Romo (I seriously want one of those customized jerseys and I want it to say “FKN Romo!”). I lost count of the cigarette butts I saw on the ground that day, but remember the happy feeling with every one I saw, “I’m so glad I quit.”

Running has become a very important part of me. I think it’s always been in there; a little girl dying to run, run, run, as fast and as far as she can. I’ve finally acknowledged her and am letting her do it.

Well. Okay. ALMOST no fear. And by almost I mean I was able to keep it to squeal level as opposed to “Holy shit what have I gotten myself into I’m about about to piss my pants” fear. I was able to get up to 38.5 mph going downhill while only squealing a little bit. And sort of giggling because that kind of scary is fun. 🙂

I’m referring to the bike course for the sprint tri I’m doing in August. Holy ballsack, Batman. Have I said before that the first time I rode it I thought I was going to die? That I quite loudly let out an “Oooohhhhh fuuuuccckkkkk!!!!” on my way down the first and second big hills? And that I’m glad I DIDN’T ride it before I signed up?
The first time I rode it, it was full of bumps and potholes that I was sure were going to send me over the front of my bike and onto my head. I was seriously scared. I also realized that I don’t have the legs for that kind of climbing! I rode a loop again on Wednesday and found that they had repaved the craziest parts of the course. Whoot! I was so excited!

So yesterday, for the first time, I did both loops. I put John on the bike rack and drove him to the start of the course. I’m sure he was excited because this was the first time I’ve driven him somewhere to ride. Now, as much as I hate the GIANT (hey, size is relative) hill that I always end up walking half of, I hate the start of the course even more. We’ll come out of the parking areas, turn left, slight downhill to the stop sign and turn right into an uphill. Sighface. But anyway… I did pretty good for it being the 1st time doing the full course. How I’m supposed to run after this, I’ve yet to figure out, but whatever. I figure I’m just going to have to ride it A LOT over the next few weeks. My goal is to not walk up that damn hill. You can see in the picture below, I get some awesome speed, but it’s just not enough. I’ll get it. I have been advised to make that hill my bitch. Will do. I can’t wait until the day I don’t have to dismount in front of those damn cows and that freakin’ donkey!

Goals by August 14th:
1) Don’t walk that stupid ass hill.
2) If I’m still cussing myself out at mile 1.58, keep it in my head. Don’t let anyone else hear it. Yesterday, it was loud on the 2nd loop.
3) Stick my tongue out at the livestock when I’m NOT walking up that damn hill!
4) Learn. To. Climb.

Oh and three more things….
1) I’ve just started learning how to shift gears properly. Sure makes a difference, huh? Heh, ya learn something new everyday.
2) I really, really wish the cows and donkey would yell and cheer me on instead of looking at me like “Oh, hey. It’s you again. Still not dead? Go ahead, get off your bike. You know it’s gonna kick your ass. Why do you keep trying? Poor, crazy girl.”
3) Why in the hell would you honk at someone you don’t know on a bike? Some jackass teenager-looking female did that and even knowing the car was there, the loud “HONK” when she was right next to me scared the crap out of me.

Where I just was... THAT portion has been bitched.

Make some noise, dammit!

The "walk" portion of the bike course

BTW, it took me an hour.

Engage your abs.

Yea, you know. Because they’re there. So you should, right? I don’t know. I keep hearing that in my head at various times during various activities. Seems like a good idea.

Okay, so June is over. Well, I guess it’s not technically over yet. But it’s the last day of the month. And what a month it has been.
In June, I:

» Officially started paying rent for a new massage space (loving it!)
» Had a bit of a mental breakdown (okay, it was a pretty good one, but whatever)
» Swam a total of 2.1 miles (more than I’ve ever really swam…swum…swimmed? whatever)
» Biked 119.54 miles (definitely more than I’ve ever ridden in my life)
» Ran 23.29 miles (need to do more of this)
» Stayed up late on Sunday, the 27th, to watch Ironman Live (I hate your damn leader boards!) to watch Jeremy Webb kick ass and become an Ironman (wicka wicka whoohoo!)
» Lost 6 lbs. (4 of them were last week)

Thanks to some great pep texts/emails, I pulled my shit back together and I’m only moving forward from here. Thanks you guys. You know who you are.

Let’s see… I’ve been in a pool ONCE since my last post. I (obviously) did not drown.  I’ve been running and riding as I get the chance. Those also have not killed me. I have a buckeye account which rocks so I can SEE how awesome I am (or badly I suck).

Having trouble running lately and not sure why. Sunday before last I ran 4 miles and felt awesome. That was the farthest I’ve ever run. I was super proud of myself. For various reasons, the rest of that week I sucked on my (attempted) runs. Not getting more than about a mile and a half in before complete failure. What the hell? I don’t know. This past Sunday, I managed to eke out three miles. But only because I had to make it home. I was in so much pain when I finally struggled up the few steps from the garage into the house. I started bawling and managed to make it into the living room before making it to the floor and crying some more. WHY did my damn legs hurt so bad? What had happened? What changed? Why was I able to kick so much ass just a week before this? I took my very first no-ice ice bath that day. I ran enough cold water to cover my legs and got in, fully dressed. HOLY SHIITAKE!!! Well, it made me stop crying… Because I couldn’t freaking breathe! I seriously began to think I would never take a full breath ever again. How do you people DO that??! Jeebus.

Yesterday was better. I biked 12.29 miles in 26+mph winds with gusts up to 40 mph. Yes, I will mention that every time because it made it really damn hard. REALLY hard. If you have any idea where I live (near Wilson’s Creek Battlefield) you know that there are some pretty decent hills nearby. I’m new at this. Those hills hurt like a mo’fo’. But I did it. In just over an hour. A couple of hours after that, I headed out for a run. I ran 2 miles and it took an eternity. Okay, really it only took about 29 min. I had to walk a lot more than I wanted to because my left leg started up again.

So here’s what I need to do:
* sign up for swimming lessons (I swam 300 yds in 17:20…REALLY need to improve THAT)
* find the $$ to pay my dude co-worker to perform 2 hrs of magic on my legs/hips/glutes at least once a week
* stop whining… I swear, I’ll work on it. But sweet baby jeebus, it gets windy here in the middle!
* take my baby, John Holmes, in for a spring tune up. They’re free for crying out loud.

I promise to work on the whining thing. I will try to remember that with training conditions like this, I could very well be a machine by August. 😉 And that would rock faces.

On a funny note, I got a haircut yesterday and the girl cut it too short. It’s so hard to tell when you have curly hair how short it is until it’s completely dry. I will be rockin’ it Mammy style (or finding time to straighten it) for a while ;). So here’s a pic of the result….